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The cycle time for update is 5 minutes.To view the latest data, click the key "Refresh“ on the tool bar. The update may halt temporally due to radar maintenance or other inspection.
Descriptions in the table below refer to the situation on the ground as generalized image for each rainfall intensity. It should be noted that radar measures the intensity high above the ground, which is not necessarily consistent with the intensity low on the ground. The rainfall indication shown in the legend, please click here. (
In the mapJR Line Figure 1 shows the JR line, private railwayFigure 2 shows the private railway. stationFigure 3 shows the location of the station.
※Subway is not included
●Weather Warnings and Advisories
Japan Meteorological Agency issues heavy rain emergency warnings/warnings/advisories to call attention or precaution expecting damage possible.
The 1 hour rainfall amount, the 3 hours rainfall amount, the 48 hours rainfall amount and the tanked rain amount in soil are used to judge them.
All types of information written below will be shown in this site when announced by JMA.

Heavy rain、Storm、Snow-storm、Heavy snow、High waves、Storm surge
Warning Heavy rain、Flood、Storm、Snow-storm、Heavy snow、High waves、Storm surge
Advisory Heavy rain、Flood、Gale、Gale and snow、Heavy snow、High waves、Storm surge、Thunderstorm、Snow melting、Dense fog、 Dry air、Avalanche、Low temperature、Frost、Ice accretion、Snow accretion
The standard of warnings/advisories for Tokyo Metropolitan Area, only japanese
Examples of municipal and resident responses to weather Warnings/Advisories

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