Operation guide (smartphone)

Top page
Displays the time of the Amesh image. Tap on the logo while viewing the past Amesh image to display the latest Amesh image.
Menu button
Tap to switch to the menu page.
Exit button
Exit the menu page and return to the Amesh image. Even if you tap Amesh image, the menu page will end.
Location display button
Call up the current location mark and display it. Tap during display to hide.
Current location mark
Represents your current location.
Favorite spot display button / Hide button
Call up the favorite spot marker and display it. When not set or being called, it becomes white. Tap during display to hide. Regarding the registration method, please refer to "Operation guide (Favorite spots)".
Favorite spot marker
Represents the favorite spot . At the same time you can display in two places.
Warning and Advisory button
Represents an warning and advisory published in the Tokyo area. Purple when an emergency warning is announced, red in case of warning, yellow in advisory. It will be gray when nothing is announced. Tap to change to the Weather Warning and Advisories page.
Time selection slider
It is a panel that manipulates the time axis. Use the slider to select the time.
Play button
Automatically plays rainfall history from 120 minutes ago to the present.
Pause button
Pause history playback.
Wider display button
Hide buttons and display Amesh image widely.
Quit button
It ends the wider display and returns to normal display.
Scale button
You can see the map in one-step enlarged / reduced view. Pinch in, even with taps you can zoom in, pinch out can also be reduced.
Language button
Tap to change the language.
Sewerage Bureau Link
Tap to jump to the page of Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Bureau. (External link)
Banner button
opened banner area closed banner area
Hide banners
Show banners
Pause banners scroll
Play banners scroll
select banners
Weather Warning and Advisories Button
Tap to change to the Weather Warning and Advisories page.
Regisiter Favorite Spots Button
Delete Favorite Spots Buton
Tap to proceed to favorite spot registration, favorite spot deletion operation. For the registration method, refer to "Operation guide (Favorite spots)".
Time sequential list Buton
When you tap, the images of every 5 minutes in the past 2 hours are displayed on one screen. When you click one of the images in the time sequential list page, the image of that time is displayed.
Information list frame
It is a notification from Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Bureau.
PC site view Button
Display the PC version site to tap.
In addition, explanation of radar etc. will display the page of the Tokyo version of the PC edition site. When you press the logo of the PC version site or the back button of the browser, it returns to the smartphone version site.